Integration of Neuroscience and Spirituality
Nancy & Sally, Authors

We academic psychiatrists bring unique qualifications to our worldview, combining professional training and practice (both of us are listed in the twenty-first century Best Doctors database) with personal experience in psychiatry and spirituality. During psychiatric training, we both learned the value of rigorous scientific inquiry. We practiced psychiatry in decades that spanned psychodynamic, behavioral, community, and biological orientations to understanding human nature. Each perspective generated professional findings and personal experience that we integrate with our understanding of life lived as women, as mothers, and as practitioners of a Christian contemplative lifestyle.

Nancy K. Morrison, M.D.

Nancy Morrison is retired from academic psychiatry where she was Associate Professor of Psychiatry at The University of New Mexico School of Medicine and the recipient of many Outstanding Teacher awards, reflecting the skills that make her a successful workshop leader. Dr. Morrison is also an ordained priest in the Evangelical Anglican Church of America.

Sally K. Severino, M.D.             

Sally Severino is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at The University of New Mexico School of Medicine and recipient of The New York Hospital Chaplaincy Wholeness of Life Award for the seventeen years at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center where she practiced her belief that the body, mind, and spirit must work together for healing and wellness in the wholeness of life

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