Integration of Neuroscience and Spirituality

Sally K. Severino, certified by the American Psychoanalytic Association and first woman president of the American College of Psychoanalysts, in her new memoir shows us how to synthesize spiritual beliefs and science, our inner lives and our work in the world. We share the journey of an ordinary person who discovers the extraordinary--faith in God--amidst the atheism of the Freudian path. We share the triumph of grace as we follow Dr. Severino through personal tragedy and loss to joy. We find inspiration for healing our mind and nurturing the soul, hope for inner peace despite our turbulent times, encouragement to move from fear to love of all, and pleasure in reading a story well told.

Sally K. Severino, M.D.: Becoming Fire: A Freudian Psychoanalyst’s Spiritual Journey (Rhinebeck, NY:  Epigraph Books, 2009)

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Sacred Desire is a unique journey to personal and global wholeness through synthesis of the biological, the psychological, and the spiritual. The authors, both highly respected MDs, offer a unique combination of psychiatric and scientific training, years of successful therapeutic practice, and spiritual insights that have profoundly altered their lives and those of their clients. Clear and accessible, Sacred Desire offers powerful solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing problems in language anyone can understand. Each of us embodies the holy longing for love. When we reconnect to this desire we remake our connection to all people, to all life forms, and to the planet. Sacred Desire—the longing for love and wholeness encoded in our DNA—can heal ourselves and our world.

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Becoming Fire: A Freudian Analyst’s Spiritual Journey: “Severino’s memoir bridges the worlds of science and faith. It takes the reader to the place where the finite mind meets the infinite—where the transformational alchemy of Spirit, the fire within, illumines the soul.”


In Sacred Desire: Growing in Compassionate Living “Nancy Morrison and Sally Severino put in one world what should never have been separated—the disciplines of science and the intuitions of religion. The implications for spirituality, for addictions counseling, for educated and struggling believers, for in-depth human life are shining on every page!”


- Richard Rohr, OFM, Center

for Action and Contemplation

Albuquerque, New Mexico

- Claudia Abbott, Editor in Chief

Science of Mind Magazine

Is human morality embedded in our biology? Drawing on cutting-edge research and recent discoveries in psychiatry and neuroscience, author Sally K. Severino boldly argues that human beings are created to be moral. Science is, in fact confirming what people of faith have long known: we are created to love.

In her new book, Behold Our Moral Body,
Severino, a highly esteemed psychiatrist, draws on relationship studies, the religious insights of John Duns Scotus, and neuroscientific discoveries to show how they give complementary views of morality. Duns Scotus describes “what” morality is; psychiatry and neuroscience are pointing us to “where” morality is anchored in our bodies and “how” our bodies mediate it.

This book provides readers an understanding of morality, how morality is nurtured toward goodness, and how human beings can live responsibly in our contemporary world.


In Behold Our Moral Body “the great moral themes of human freedom and moral choice meet the fascinating world of brain chemistry, human development from childhood through adulthood, and why we make the choices we do. Behold Our Moral Body reveals both a deeply pondered and a deeply “felt” approach to topics both challenging and important in our day.”


- William Short, OFM,

Franciscan School of  Theology

Wellness in Mind: Your Brain’s Surprising Secrets to Gaining Health from the Inside Out explodes the clichés that dominate the fields of exercise and nutrition, and offers exciting new strategies for mastering—not just our weight, but all our wellness challenges by giving us an amazing new focus on BEING IMAGE—our total BEING experience in collaboration with and through others to co-create a world of wellness. We identify the power of our brain to create new neural pathways that support healing our total BEING. We discover how our brains encode relationships with self and others—also with food, exercise, and time. We find inspiration to develop our own relationship to wellness!


“As an assistant coach for seventeen years in the National Football League and Head Coach for eight years at two NCAA Division 1 Football programs, I recommend Wellness in Mind for anyone seeking to tap into their innate ability to create healthy surroundings with and through others—to rewrite destiny as the sole owner of their wellness.”

Mike Sheppard, 37-year College/NFL Coach

The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Felix of Cantalice (Felician Sisters) was founded in Warsaw, Poland in 1855. After a brief history of their founding in Poland and their beginnings in North America (1874 up to 1963), Felician Franciscan Sisters in the Southwest: A History of the Felician Sisters of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Province 1963-2009 continues the relation until 2009 when the eight North American Provinces of the Felician Sisters were united into the one Province of Our Lady of Hope.

“This forty-six-year history of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Province, Felician Franciscan Sisters in the Southwest, is a witness to the lives of women religious who have freely responded to the way of being—a way of being in relationship with Jesus Christ and a way of being in full-time prophetic ministry to the world.”

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