Integration of Neuroscience and Spirituality
The following endorsements followed a
September 2006 workshop on Sacred Desire.

An Endorsement for Sacred Desire


    Finally, we have a composition for the mind/body/spirit connection that blends the integrity of science and the mystery of religion into harmony. Resonant Attuning explains what happens when we are out of tune with self, other, and God. The longing for wholeness and holiness heals individuals, transforms communities, and can change the world.

     As a practicing psychotherapist, RN, and retired Chaplain, I embody the mind, body, spirit connection. But until now, I have not had a coherent and cohesive way to integrate what I know of biology, spirituality, and psychology into my work. Nancy Morrison and Sally Severino have given me the language and the framework to do that effectively.

    The most important piece for me was learning how innovative research in neurobiology lends credibility to the Resonant Attuning model.

    My participation in a Sacred Desire workshop gave me a new lens through which I now see my clients, my community, and myself in a more complete way. I can take home and plug in what I learned immediately—something I look for in workshop experiences.

    There is a comfortable mix of didactic presentation and experiential learning opportunities throughout the workshop. Dr.’s Morrison and Severino are not only experts in their fields, they are also gentle souls who are emotionally available to their audience. They create a safe space in which workshop participants not only hear about the concept, but experience it as well. It was by far one of the most important learning experiences in my professional life of over thirty years.


Susan Carrell

Carrell Counseling, P.C.

Springfield, MO

An Endorsement for the Workshop on Sacred Desire


     “The human heart is God-shaped,” according to the Christian spiritual tradition. So is the brain, according to Nancy Morrison and Sally Severino’s Sacred Desire: Finding God and Good Within. Just as in recent years contemporary physics has been seen as bridging the imaginative gap between physical science and theology and opening new vistas of wonder and awe as we contemplate the cosmos, so the new neurobiology holds the prospect of relating biological science and spirituality and offering fresh perspectives on the imago Dei, the “image of God,” in the human mind and heart.

    Morrison and Severino’s remarkable work will be of great interest, not only to their colleagues in psychiatry, but to spiritual directors, pastoral counselors, and those who are seeking intellectually and scientifically credible ways for understanding spirituality in a post-modern world. Readers who practice spiritual disciplines such as meditation and contemplative prayer, and those who are seeking wholeness through deeper integration of body, heart, mind and spirit, will find specific, practicable aids. Most significant of all, perhaps, those who dare to acknowledge our yearnings for God, which Christians regard as the work of the Holy Spirit within us, will find that desire validated, and rediscover its power and trustworthiness as a guide and sustainer on the spiritual journey.


-The Rev. Virginia Brown

Episcopal priest; Guardian of the Rivendell Community

An Endorsement for Sacred Desire


 I feel very blessed by this workshop. I now know more how to pray for the problems of the world.


Susie Danielsson

Retreat Coordinator

Companion Rivendell Community


Review of Sacred Desire Workshop


    The Sacred Desire Workshop was an amazing experience, both in terms of new information and confirmation of old beliefs. People who work in the fields of Adult Literacy and English for Speakers of Other Languages have long known that the relationship between tutor and students is the single most important factor in success. For years, my first and often repeated advice to new tutors has been, “slow down, pay attention, and listen.” Now I know why! The work of Dr. Nancy Morrison and Dr. Sally Severino has implications far beyond their field. Biology and spirituality are indeed related, and this workshop provides exciting insights and “tools for the road.” I highly recommend it to anyone working in social services and to anyone engaged in a spiritual journey.


Carol Conway, Executive Director

Literacy Coalition of Southwest Missouri

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