Integration of Neuroscience and Spirituality
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Drawing upon their understandings of biology, psychology, theology and their own spiritual practices, Drs. Morrison and Severino have developed a theory that affirms the innate Desire of human beings for the Holy. They propose that sacred Desire—spelled with a capital “D” to indicate that which urges our minds to respond to God—is incarnate in our bodies.


This site carries scientific evidence showing that because human beings were intended by God to love, we were given the marvelous biological equipment to suit us for the task.


to the web site that integrates biology, psychology, neurophysiology, and spirituality.
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“For those readers looking for an honest effort at integration of spiritual and psychoanalytic ideas, Sacred Desire is a definite read.”

    ~David Dean Brockman, M.D.

    American College of Psychoanalysts Newsletter 2009

Becoming Fire: A Freudian Psychoanalyst’s Spiritual Journey is a solid addition to any spirituality collection.”

    ~James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief: Midwest Book Review

    Internet Bookwatch/Spirituality Shelf/October 2009

Behold Our Moral Body gives us a message we

desperately need to hear in perilous times like these.”

    ~Paula Huston, Author

    Simplifying the Soul

I recommend Wellness in Mind for anyone seeking to tap into their innate ability to create healthy surroundings with and through others--to rewrite destiny as the sole owner of their wellness.”

     ~Mike Sheppard, 37-year College/NFL Coach

Hope for Turbulent Times

   These books give you tools to
  grow into health and wholeness!
    These videos offer 
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