Numerology Meaning: Rediscover Yourself

What is Numerology

Numerology is a divination system that uses numbers to interpret the hidden meaning of life. Each number has a vibrational energy that can be used to understand the events and circumstances of an individual’s life. Numerology can be used to predict future events, understand the present, and gain insight into the past.


The idea behind numerology is that numbers are a universal language that can be used to decode the secrets of the universe. The practice of numerology is used to find out information about an individual’s personality, life path, and destiny. Numerology can also be used to make important life choices, such as where to live, what kind of job to pursue, and who to marry.

There are many different ways to calculate numerology readings, but the most common method is to use the numbers associated with an individual’s birth date. Numerology readings can provide insight into an individual’s character, life purpose, and potential for success.

brief history

The practice of numerology extends back thousands of years. It is based on the belief that numbers have a special power and can be used to understand the world and our place in it.

Numerology is used to interpret the hidden meaning of numbers and their impact on our lives. It is also used to uncover secrets about our personalities and future events.

The earliest known use of numerology dates back to the ancient Egyptians. They used numbers to predict the future and understand the universe’s secrets.

The ancient Greeks also used numerology to understand the world around them. They believed that numbers could be used to understand the hidden forces at work in the universe.

Numerology was also popular among the early Christians. They used it to interpret the Bible and understand God’s will.

Today, numerology is still used by many people around the world. It is a popular tool for self-discovery and understanding our world.

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