The Judgement Tarot Card Meaning And Symbolism

The Judgement tarot card meaning: Tarot cards are a sort of divination that has been used for centuries to help people gain insight into their lives. The cards can be used to explore past events and identify patterns that may be impacting your present situation. They can also be used to gain clarity about your future path and make choices that align with your highest good.

The tarot deck is split into two sections: the Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards and features images such as the Wheel of Fortune, Death, Hermit, etc.

The Judgement tarot card is often considered one of the most important cards in the Major Arcana. This card can mean that you have to make a choice that will have a significant impact on your life.

The meaning of this tarot card is explained in detail in the following sections, so keep reading to learn more.

The Judgement Upright Card Meaning 

The Judgement Upright Card Meaning

General meaning

In general, the Judgement Tarot card can mean that people judge you or someone you care about too harshly.

It may also indicate that you are evaluating other people harshly or that you are prone to making quick judgements yourself.

Alternately, Judgement may signify that you have reached a degree of clarity and composure that enables you to calmly examine yourself and your options to make constructive decisions. This could mean that you have reached a level of calmness and clarity.

You have gained more self-awareness as a result of your previous karmic lessons, and you are allowing healing to occur so that you may move on along a good path.

If you have a major decision to make, consider the karmic lessons you’ve learned in the past to guide your decision-making.

The Judgement in the upright position might reflect the outcome of a legal issue or a court case. If you’ve been honest and done the right thing, this should work out in your favor.

The Judgement Upright reading for health

The Judgement tarot card can mean a time of healing and being whole after a hard illness. 

You have made it through the difficult times, learned from them, and are now ready and eager to take all of the required actions to help you get back on your feet and move forward with your life.

The Judgement Upright reading for career

If you get the Judgement card in a Tarot reading for your career, it may indicate that you are now being judged or examined somehow.

There is a possibility that you are being considered for a promotion, but you may not even be aware of it.

If this card appears in the reading, be mindful of how you show yourself to the world since you are being watched.

If you’ve been putting off projects, now is the time to get back on track before you miss a chance.

The Judgement Upright reading for finances

When it comes to your finances, the Judgement tarot card warns you to avoid making hasty decisions and exercise caution with your money.

Before making any large purchases or investments, be sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

It could also mean a loss in a lawsuit, so don’t do anything careless or dangerous, like driving recklessly, and make sure you have the right insurance coverage.

The Judgement Upright reading for spirituality

Spiritually speaking, Judgement indicates spiritual enlightenment. As a result of your previous karmic experiences, you now know where the universe wants you to go. You are prepared to pursue a spiritual path that is more enlightened.

Judgement may signal that you’ve discovered your spiritual path or that you’re in the middle of an awakening process.

The Judgement Upright reading for love

  • If you’re in a relationship

If you are in a loving relationship and the Judgement tarot card appears in a love tarot spread, it may signify that either you or your partner are judging each other too severely.

Be careful not to cast blame or accusations at each other during disagreements in the hopes of provoking a response; you may hurt your relationship more than you mean to. Instead of assigning blame, discuss how you feel.

It’s time to reevaluate your romantic relationships and make any necessary adjustments. You may be able to notice things in your love life that you previously overlooked, and you have the opportunity to make changes.

Always keep the chanel of communication open with your partner, and ensure that both of you are aware of the requirements that the other has. Your relationship may benefit greatly from the little improvements you and your partner make together.

Your activities from the past and the results of those actions, whether positive or negative, are affecting you right now. The lessons you’ve learned from your failures will help you make better decisions in the future.

  • If you’re Single

If you are currently single, the Judgement cautions you against making hasty decisions about future romantic partners. Give yourself some time to get to know them before determining whether they are right for you.

There is no second opportunity to create a good first impression, so always keep this in mind while meeting new people.

The Judgement Reversed Card Meaning 

The Judgement Reversed Card Meaning

In general, the reversed Judgement Tarot card might indicate that you are letting fear and self-doubt keep you from making the essential choices to go ahead on a constructive path. 

The moment has come to take action, and if you wait any longer, you may miss out on the chances that are now accessible to you. 

Having the Judgement reversed might also indicate that you are deflecting attention away from your weaknesses by being too critical of others or engaging in vicious gossip. This will only get you into trouble. Instead of judging other people for their errors, try to fix the problems in your own life.

It is also possible that other people are being excessively judgemental or critical of you or that they are placing the blame for something that was not your fault on you. Don’t allow those individuals to influence your choices; instead, rise above the chaos and concentrate on pursuing what you care about.

The Judgement reversed reading for health

As someone who has a long-term sickness or injury, Judgement reversed may be urging you to let go of any past negativity, particularly if it relates to someone who may have been responsible for or contributed to your disease.

Keeping negative thoughts and feelings in your head can only slow down and complicate your healing process. To go ahead, you must accept your current situation and let go of the past.

The Judgement reversed reading for career

You have reached a crossroads in your professional life, and the decisions you make now will determine whether or not you will be successful in the future.

You are faced with a choice, but you cannot decide because of your self-doubt.

Indecision is not an option at this point. You must take advantage of the possibilities that are presented to you. You’ll regret it if you let them slide through your fingers.

The Judgement reversed reading for finances

When it comes to money, you shouldn’t be too careful. That is not to say that you should go completely crazy and gamble away all of your money at the casino, but letting your guard down just a little bit won’t hurt you.

You may find yourself continuously pondering every purchase, but if it’s something you need and can afford, don’t hesitate to get it!

Be careful with your money but don’t obsess about every cent you spend.

The Judgement reversed reading for spirituality

When seen from a spiritual perspective, having Judgement reversed indicates that you are ignoring or choosing not to learn the karmic lessons that have been laid out for you.

 If you don’t take the time to learn them, the universe will keep bringing them back to you in more challenging forms. Think about what you’ve learned and use that information to go on in a positive direction.

The Judgement reversed reading for love

  • If you are in a relationship

You’re putting off making a choice about the relationship because you’re afraid of the consequences. It doesn’t matter whether the relationship is going ahead or terminating; this choice must be taken.

The reversing judgment card could also signify hurtful talk or false accusations. If you have heard hurtful talk or false accusations about your partner, make sure you have all the facts before making a decision.

Additionally, the reversed Judgement card might represent problems produced by a failure to learn from the past. Your relationship may have gone through a hard phase, and you feel like it should be closed, but you’re not. 

Ask yourself whether you’ve taken the lessons you’ve learned from the past and applied them to your current relationship.

  • If you are single

The reversed judgement card suggests that you’re avoiding the person you’re interested in because of your shame or shyness.

Fear should not prevent you from pursuing your desires! Even if it doesn’t work out the way you wanted, at least you’ll know you tried and won’t have to wonder “what if?” for the rest of your life.

The Judgement tarot card meaning in astrology

The judgement tarot card is associated with the astrological zodiac sign of Libra. Libra is a sign in the zodiac that symbolizes harmony and balance. 

People born under this astrological sign are typically very imaginative and artistic, and they tend to be gentle and kind-hearted. 

The Judgement tarot card in Numerology

The judgement tarot card is associated with the number 20. In Numerology, the number 20 is composed of the vibrations of two powerful numbers, Number 2 and Number 0.

The number 20 is considered a powerful and auspicious number. It indicates a person’s ability to control their life and surroundings. The number 20 also symbolizes fertility, abundance, and success.

Seeing the Judgement card in dreams

When you see the Judgement tarot card in your dreams, it can symbolize a time of great change or transformation in your life. This change can be something you have been working towards for a long time, or it can be sudden and unexpected.

Either way, the Judgement card indicates that you will be leaving your old life behind and embarking on a new journey.

This new journey can be exciting and full of possibilities, but it can also be daunting. 

The Judgement suggests that you take some time to reflect on your past and learn from your experiences. This will aid you to make the most of your new situation and avoid making the same mistakes again.

The Judgement card can also indicate a need for forgiveness. If you have held onto resentment or anger towards someone, it is time to let go and move on. Forgiving others will help you find peace and closure, and it will also open up new possibilities in your life.


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