The Justice Tarot Card Meaning And Significance

The Justice tarot card Meaning and symbolism: The Major Arcana is a tarot deck consisting of 22 cards that symbolize the essential life lessons one may learn. 

Each card is associated with a particular archetype, or universal character type, that can be used to help guide a person’s growth and development. The major arcana can be used to gain insight into current situations and explore future possibilities.

The Tarot card known as “The Justice” is numbered VIII in the Major Arcana. It is often depicted as a woman holding a sword and scales and is considered to represent fairness, balance, and Justice.

The Justice tarot card is about fairness, balance, and the law. She is holding a sword and a scale in her hands, and she is wearing a blindfold to show that she judges impartially. The scales represent justice, the sword represents power, and the blindfold represents objectivity. This card means that you are about to encounter some legal matters or need to be more fair and balanced in your dealings with others.

This card can indicate that a time of reckoning is coming when all will be judged fairly. It can also suggest the need for balance and fairness in one’s life.

The Justice Upright Card Meaning 

The Justice Upright Card Meaning 2

The upright Justice card is traditionally associated with fairness, balance, and true concepts. In a reading, this card may suggest that you’re currently experiencing or will soon experience a time of reckoning in which you will be able to assess your past actions and correct any imbalances. 

The Justice card could also mean that you want to find Justice in a situation that hasn’t been solved yet.

The Justice Upright Card is traditionally associated with the virtue of Justice, which is the principle that governs the proper ordering of society. This card can represent a time when you will be required to make a judgment call, and it is important to weigh all of the evidence fairly and objectively. 

The Justice card may also indicate that you are currently in a situation where you are being treated unfairly, and you will need to stand up for your rights.

The Justice Upright reading for health

The Justice upright for health suggests that you may need to take a more active role in your health and well-being. This could mean making healthier choices in terms of diet and exercise, but it could also mean taking a more proactive stance regarding your health care.

If you have been putting off seeing a doctor or taking care of a health issue, the Justice Upright may urge you to face these challenges and take care of yourself.

The Justice Upright reading for career

The Justice Upright card suggests that a career in law or politics could fit you. This card often appears when considering a new job or career path. 

The Justice Upright card indicates that you have the skills and temperament necessary for a successful career in law or politics. 

You are fair-minded and impartial, and you have a strong sense of Justice. You can also make difficult judgments when required.

Alternately, the Justice Upright card can suggest that you may be in a time of great career opportunity. This could manifest in a new job offer, a promotion, or important recognition at work. 

The prospects for advancement look good, and this is a time to capitalize on your hard work and dedication. Stay focused and stay the course; don’t get too comfortable as things move in your favor.

The Justice Upright reading for finances

The Justice Upright card can mean that there will be a time soon when you will get a financial windfall for all your hard work and dedication. This could come in the form of a raise, a bonus, or an unexpected gift of money. 

However, you will need to stay alert and stay on top of your finances, as there is also the potential for some financial setbacks in the near future.

The Justice Upright card could suggest that you’re currently dealing with some legal or financial problem that must be handled in order to go ahead with your financial plans. 

You need to be more responsible and fair when it comes to your finances, and you should take a more holistic and ethical approach to your money management.

The Justice Upright reading for spirituality

The Justice Upright card reading for spirituality would suggest that you’re seeking a sense of justice and fairness in your spiritual life. This could show up as a need for order and clarity in your religious beliefs or a wish to see Justice prevail in the world around you.

The Justice upright card reading for spirituality also suggests that you may need to review your ethics and values. This could be a time for self-reflection and taking inventory of your actions to live more in accordance with your spiritual beliefs.

You should also consider how you interact with others, both in your personal life and in your professional sphere. Seeking out advice from those who share your spiritual values could be beneficial during this time.

The Justice Upright reading for love

The Justice suggests that you’re seeking Justice in your romantic relationship. This could manifest as seeking equality and fairness in the relationship or working to resolve any issues that have arisen. 

The Justice card also suggests that you’re making a rational and pragmatic approach to your love life and may be looking for a partner who is similarly level-headed.

The Justice Upright card in a love reading typically suggests that you’re currently experiencing or will soon experience a time of balance and equilibrium in your relationship. 

This may manifest as a period of calm and understanding. It could be that any current problems within the relationship are being faced squarely and dealt with fairly and maturely. 

The Justice Reversed Card Meaning 

The Justice Reversed Card Meaning 2

The Justice reversed card meaning generally suggests that you’re experiencing some sort of imbalance or injustice in your life. This could manifest as legal issues, problems with authority figures, or simply feeling like you’re not being treated fairly. 

The Justice reversed card meaning suggests that you’re experiencing a time in your life where you get the impression that you aren’t being treated fairly.

This could be due to someone else’s actions or some outside force that seems to be working against you. 

You may feel like you are at the mercy of others and have no control over what is happening in your life. 

The Justice reversed reading for health

This card reading suggests that there is an issue with your health that requires attention. The Justice reversed card often suggests an imbalance in your life that is causing you distress. In this case, it could be that you are not taking care of yourself properly or that you are not addressing a health issue that needs to be taken care of.

The Justice Reversed card reading for health suggests that you may be experiencing some sort of legal trouble, causing you a great deal of stress. This stress may hurt your health, prevent you from getting the rest you need, and make you more susceptible to illness. 

The advice, in this case, is to seek legal counsel and try to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. Taking action will help to improve your health and allow you to relax and focus on getting better.

The Justice reversed reading for career

The Justice, The reversed card reading for your career suggests that you may be experiencing some difficulty in your current career situation. 

The reversed position often indicates that an obstacle or challenge is standing in the way of your success. It might be helpful to take some time to reflect on what is causing this roadblock and how you can overcome it. 

Sometimes, a change in perspective or a new approach is all that is needed to move forward.

The Justice reversed reading for finances

This reversed Tarot card reading for finances suggests that you may be facing some financial challenges. You may find that your expenses are outpacing your income, and you could struggle to make ends meet. 

There are ways to get out of this situation, You may need to make some changes to your spending habits, or you may need to find new sources of income. With hard work, you can get your finances back on track.

The Justice reversed reading for spirituality.

The Justice Reversed card indicates that you’re experiencing a time when you are feeling spiritually lost. You’re feeling disconnected from your spiritual side or that you are currently in a spiritual rut. This card reading might suggest that you should seek out guidance from a trusted source or look for opportunities to reconnect with your spiritual side.

In terms of spirituality, the Justice Reversed card also suggests that you’re not currently living following your spiritual beliefs or values. 

This might be the result of a lack of comprehension of those beliefs or a lack of dedication to them, or because you’re going through a difficult time and have turned away from your spiritual path. 

The Justice reversed reading for love

In matters of heart, the Justice Reversed card is a sign that the person you are interested in is not interested in you. The reversed position usually means that the person feels blocked or negative about the relationship. 

This could be due to many factors, such as unresolved anger or resentment, lack of trust, or simply a different set of interests. If this card show up in a reading, it might be time to move on and find someone more compatible with you.

The Justice Reversed card suggests that you’re experiencing feelings of injustice and resentment in your relationship. This is because of a feeling that you are not being treated fairly or that your partner is not meeting your expectations. 

The Justice Reversed card can also suggest that you feel blocked when it comes to love. You may feel like you are doing all the right things, but somehow you just can’t seem to find love or get ahead in your relationship.

The Justice tarot card meaning in astrology

Because of their common focus on balance and Justice, the Justice tarot card is connected with Libra in astrology. Libra natives are diplomatic and fair-minded people who often excel in legal. 

The Justice tarot card usually stands for fairness, balance, and doing the right thing, making it a great match for Libra.

The Justice Tarot Card in Numerology

Justice is associated with the number 11. because it symbolizes the principle of balance and equilibrium. 

The number 11 symbolizes balance and equilibrium. It helps create a sense of balance in life and encourages moderation in all things. This number can be seen as a sign of hope, reminding the individual that there is always a way to restore balance in their life, no matter how chaotic things may seem.

The justice card Symbolism

The Justice tarot card is often depicted as a woman holding a sword and scales. The sword represents her ability to make decisions and mete out justice, while the scales represent balance and fairness. Justice is often seen as the ultimate ideal, representing the perfect balance between mercy and punishment.

Seeing the Justice tarot card in dreams

The tarot card of Justice is often seen in dreams as a sign that the dreamer is ready to face up to and deal with any issues or problems that have been troubling them. 

The appearance of this card in a dream may be an indication that it is time for the dreamer to take a more objective and realistic look at their life and what is happening in it, rather than burying their head in the sand.


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