The Strength Tarot Card Meaning And Symbolism

The Strength Tarot card meaning: Tarot cards are a sort of divination that can help individuals gain insight into their lives.

They can provide guidance and insight for both personal and professional decisions. Though it is essential to take any reading with a grain of salt, tarot cards can be helpful in self-reflection and growth. One of those cards is the Strength card.

The Strength Tarot card depicts a woman standing in a field, looking at a lion. The lion sits calmly next to her, and she has her hand on its head. The woman is wearing a floral-patterned dress, and she has a white sash around her waist. The card’s background is green, and there are trees in the distance.

The Strength tarot card is traditionally interpreted as representing grit, courage, and willpower. The figure on the card is often seen as overcoming obstacles through force of will and determination. 

The Strength Upright Card Meaning 

The Strength Upright Card Meaning 2

The Strength Tarot card represents the virtue of fortitude. The card features a woman standing firm against a lion, representing her ability to conquer her fears. This suggests that the person designated by this card has great inner strength and is not afraid to face their challenges head-on. 

Symbolically, this card can represent growth, courage, and determination. The reading suggests that you’re capable of overcoming any obstacle you face.

The Strength upright card meaning generally refers to physical and emotional strength. This can be interpreted as the ability to overcome difficult challenges or act with compassion and fortitude in adversity. 

A Strength upright card suggests that the time is right for taking action. You have the power and determination to achieve success, and this is a time for asserting yourself and showing your power.

The Strength upright reading for health

The Strength Tarot card is often seen as a sign of good health and vitality. It can indicate that you’re undergoing or have gone through a healing process and is now stronger than before. 

This might be physical, emotional, or spiritual healing. The Strength card also suggests that you’re in a good place mentally and emotionally and can cope with whatever life throws your way.

The Strength upright card is associated with health and physical strength. This can indicate that you’re in good health or recovering from an illness or injury.

The Strength upright reading for career

The Strength tarot card is often associated with careers and vocational paths. When upright, it indicates that you have the strength and fortitude to overcome any obstacles in your career. 

You are a determined individual who is not afraid of hard work, and you will be successful in whatever you choose to do. Your career path may be challenging, but you will be able to face any challenges head-on.

The Strength upright reading for finances

When the Strength card appears upright in a tarot reading spread it usually indicates that you’re in a solid financial position. You might have gotten some money recently or be good at handling your money. This is a time to be cautious and not take unnecessary risks when things are going well for you financially.

The Strength card in a reading for finances can indicate that you have the strength and fortitude to overcome any financial difficulties you may be experiencing. 

The upright position usually indicates good news or progress regarding money and can mean that you’re taking positive steps towards improving your financial situation.

The Strength upright reading for spirituality

The meaning of the Strength card when it appears upright in a reading is that you will experience a profound spiritual awakening. You will find yourself connecting with your intuition and higher power more than ever before. This period of growth is likely to be challenging but ultimately rewarding and enlightening.

The strength can suggest that you’re spiritually strong. This may be due to your religious beliefs or simply your inner strength and resilience.

The Strength card often indicates that you can overcome any obstacle through your power and grit. In some cases, this may also suggest that you’re currently in a time of personal growth and enlightenment.

The Strength upright reading for love

The Strength tarot card upright reading for love is about being able to tame the wild beast and having the ability to be strong and have self-control. This is a very positive attribute in a relationship as it shows that you can handle difficult situations and are not easily swayed by their emotions.

It can also mean that you’re loyal and will stay with your partner through thick and thin.

You possess great inner strength and fortitude, which can be drawn upon during difficult times to maintain a positive outlook on love. This inner strength can help you remain resilient during challenging periods and ultimately emerge stronger and more capable of sustaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

The Strength Reversed Card Meaning 

The Strength Reversed Card Meaning 2

The Strength reversed card is associated with fear, anger, and insecurity. When this major arcana card shows up reversed in a reading, it suggests that you’re experiencing difficulty using your power effectively. 

There may be blocks in your life that prevent you from moving forward, or you may be engaging in self-destructive behaviors that stop you from achieving your goals.

The Strength reversed card refers to a person who is feeling weak, vulnerable, and helpless. This person may feel as though they are struggling to keep up with the demands of life and may feel overwhelmed. 

This card can also suggest that someone is not using their Strength in the most effective way possible, either by not taking care of themselves or not standing up for themselves.

When a Tarot reader sees the Strength reversed card in a reading, it can suggest that you’re experiencing or have recently experienced some kind of difficulty or challenge regarding your personal Strength. 

This might manifest as a period of weakness or vulnerability, during which you feel that you cannot cope with what life is throwing at you.

The Strength reversed reading for health

The Strength reversed reading for health suggests that you are currently experiencing some form of physical or emotional vulnerability. 

You may be feeling weak, as though you are unable to defend yourself against the challenges of life. 

This can manifest as a lack of energy, feelings of helplessness, or even illness. If this is the case, it is essential to take care of yourself physically and emotionally. Seek out support from friends and family, and allow yourself time to rest and relax.

The Strength reversed reading for career

You are experiencing some challenges in your current work situation. This may manifest as difficulty with authority figures or feeling unsupported in your endeavors. Alternatively, it could suggest that something about your professional persona is holding you back from achieving your goals. 

The Strength reversed card suggests that you are currently experiencing some difficulty in your professional life. This may manifest as challenges in meeting deadlines, difficulty securing promotions or earning a good salary, etc.

This is only a hiccup, and things will be better soon. In the meantime, be patient and stay focused on your goals.

The Strength reversed reading for finances

The Strength reversed card indicates that there may be some difficulties or challenges soon regarding financial matters. 

This could manifest as a struggle to make ends meet, problems with debt or cash flow, or even a sudden reversal of fortunes. 

Remember that this is only a potential outcome, and it is still possible to overcome these challenges if you take appropriate action.

The Strength reversed reading for spirituality

The reversed reading for spirituality suggest that you’re feeling lost and disconnected from your spiritual side. 

This may manifest as a lack of faith or purpose in life or feeling generally uninspired. If this pattern persists, it could lead to a sense of emptiness and isolation. 

Counseling or therapy might help you connect your spiritual side and figure out what inspires you.

The Strength reversed reading for love

When you receive the Strength reversed reading for love, it indicates that you are currently experiencing or will experience a time where you feel weak and vulnerable in your relationship. 

This can be due to several factors, such as feeling unsupported by your partner, constantly fighting or arguing, or having your trust violated. If you’re not currently in a relationship, it suggests that you may find it difficult to form one due to your lack of confidence.

The reversed Strength also suggests that you’re experiencing a time of emotional vulnerability. You may feel like you are not good enough for the person you love or that your love is not reciprocated. 

This can be difficult, as you may feel like you are constantly putting yourself out there and not getting anything back in return.

The Strength tarot card in astrology

The Strength tarot card is associated with Leo’s astrological sign because both are associated with power, courage, and determination. 

Leo is a fire sign, and Strength is a card about overcoming obstacles, so the two are a natural match. 

Leos are known for their passion and strong will, both of which come in handy when overcoming challenges. 

Leos are natural-born leaders and love being in charge, while strength cards represent someone who has complete control over their emotions and actions. This makes them a formidable force that must be taken seriously.

The Strength Tarot card meaning in Numerology

The Strength card is associated with the number 8 because it represents the power and determination needed to overcome any obstacle. 

This number is often associated with hard work and perseverance, which are both key characteristics of anyone who wants to achieve success.

Strength Tarot Card Keywords

The Strength card is associated with the keywords of strength, courage, and determination. This card often suggests that the time for action is now and that you need to be brave to achieve your goals. 

The Strength tarot card can also indicate that you’re currently in a state of personal growth and working hard to overcome your fears and weaknesses.

Strength Tarot Symbolism

The Strength card in tarot symbolism is often depicted as a woman gently subduing a lion. This image is meant to represent the power of restraint and control. The woman is not afraid of the lion, but she also doesn’t let it overwhelm her. 

This card can symbolize the power of will and self-control. It can also indicate that the querent is now in an emotionally charged circumstance and need to keep their emotions under control.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Strength Tarot card

The Strength tarot card is associated with the sign of Leo and symbolizes the virtue of fortitude. The card often depicts a woman holding a lion by the muzzle, representing her mastery over the beast. 

This imagery signifies the ability to overcome your animalistic nature and tap into your inner strength. The figure in the card is often seen as representing the divine feminine, embodying qualities such as courage, tenacity, and willpower.

Seeing the Strength tarot card in dreams

The Strength tarot card is traditionally associated with the meanings of willpower, fortitude, and courage. In readings, it often suggests that the questioner will overcome any obstacles they face through their strength and determination. 

In dreams, this card can indicate that the dreamer is feeling strong and capable or that they are currently experiencing a time of great personal power.


In conclusion, the Strength tarot card is about inner power and control. It can be seen as a sign of inner strength and fortitude in the face of adversity. The card can also suggest that the time has come to take action and be assertive. If you face a difficult situation, the Strength tarot card may tell you that you have what it takes to overcome it.


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