The Sun Tarot Card Meaning And Significance

The Sun tarot card meaning: Tarot cards have been used for millennia as a type of divination to assist individuals to gain insight into their lives. There are 78 cards in the Tarot card, and each card has a unique significance. The cards are divided into two groups: the major arcana, which represents major life events, and the minor arcana, which represents day-to-day issues.

Tarot readings may be done for yourself or others and can be used to explore a wide range of life issues, from love and relationships to career and finance. A tarot reading can help you understand yourself better and give you direction and clarity on your life path.

The Sun is the major arcana card representing the Sun’s energy, which is associated with vitality, inspiration, and optimism. The Sun is also a symbol of strength, power, and leadership. As such, this card can reflect upon one’s strengths and capabilities. It can also be used to provide guidance on how to use these strengths to achieve success. In short, the Sun tarot card can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and growth.

The Sun Upright Card Meaning 

The Sun Upright Card Meaning

General Meaning


The Sun card is also known as the Major Arcana card of positivity. It traditionally depicts the Sun, with its radiance and warmth, shining down on all of humanity. This card’s energy is good and uplifting, suggesting that you should strive to be your best self and enjoy life to the fullest. 

This means embracing your positive qualities and focusing on the good in life. The Sun Tarot card represents hope, confidence, and excitement. Use it to feel better and set yourself up for success.

  • Truth 

The Sun Tarot card is the card of truth. It is often seen as the revelation card, and its symbolism reflects this. The Sun is the symbol of enlightenment and represents the power of light. It also represents new beginnings and optimism, which can help you face your fears and doubts head-on. 

The Sun Tarot card can be a powerful ally when it comes to truth matters. By using its guidance, you can uncover the lies preventing you from moving forward or achieving your goals. And by learning to trust its messages, you can begin to heal your past wounds and create a brighter future.

  • Good luck

The Sun card in an upright position signifies good luck. The card is associated with the Sun, which is one of the most powerful and beneficial elements on earth. 

The Sun gives light and warmth, as well as nutrients to plants. It is also responsible for growing things, so it can be seen as a symbol of positive growth and abundance. 

Additionally, the Sun is representative of energy and life. Therefore, when this card is upright, you will have good luck in all aspects of your life.

The Sun Upright reading for health

If you have been unwell, feeling low and doubtful about a speedy recovery is understandable. But if you are looking for hope, the Sun tarot card can provide it. This card typically represents new beginnings and opportunities, which can be very encouraging when you are feeling down.

Additionally, the Sun tarot card is often associated with positive thinking and determination, both qualities that will help you fight off illness and make a swift return to your usual routine.

The Sun Upright reading for career

The Sun Tarot card is traditionally associated with success in career-related matters. It typically signifies a time of great accomplishment and abundance. The Sun suggests that now is a good time to focus on reaching your goals and seizing opportunities.

This can be a particularly fruitful time if you are working on something that you are passionate about, as the Sun’s energy will help you achieve success.

The Sun Upright reading for finances

The Sun signifies financial success and abundance. The image of the Sun is often associated with positive energy and optimism, which makes it a great choice for Tarot readings related to money and wealth. 

The Main Meaning of the Sun card is that you will experience increased prosperity in your financial life. This usually comes in the form of more money, possessions, or power. You will also be able to achieve your goals more easily, and life will feel much easier overall.

The Sun Upright reading for spirituality

The Sun card in the Tarot is often seen as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment. The card is associated with the element of Fire, which represents creativity, enthusiasm, and energy. It also corresponds to the logical and analytical mind. 

When interpreted in terms of spirituality, the Sun suggests that you are at a point in your life where you are beginning to understand yourself more fully and are ready to embrace change. 

This may be an exciting time as you embark on new adventures and learn more about yourself and what you believe.

The Sun also indicates that you have been receptive to learning new things and open to new ideas. As your knowledge and self-awareness increase, so does your self-esteem.

The Sun Upright reading for love

  • If you are in a relationship

The Sun Tarot card may indicate a time of joy, passion, and enthusiasm in your relationship. This means that you and your love partner are likely to have a lot of enjoyable moments together, and you’ll be able to build on the positive aspects of your relationship. 

Additionally, the Sun tarot card can indicate that you’re both feeling optimistic and excited about the future, which will boost your morale.

The Sun tarot card indicates that any hidden flaws in your relationship will be brought to light. This could mean tension or problems you’ve been reluctant to discuss but are now coming to the surface. 

So if you’re struggling with something that your partner isn’t aware of or doesn’t want to talk about, this might be a good tarot card to consider when doing your readings.

The Sun Tarot card is often associated with celebrations such as engagements or weddings. The Sun represents energy and life and is often seen as a sign of happiness and good fortune.

  • If you’re single

If you are single, the Sun tarot card suggests that a wonderful relationship is on its way. This could be a new romantic interest, a potential partner in a business venture, or someone you meet and enjoy spending time with. This card often signifies new beginnings and optimism, so be prepared for things to get exciting!

The Sun Reversed Card Meaning 

The Sun Reversed Card Meaning

 Negative thoughts

 The Sun reversed tarot card can indicate that you are focusing on the negative aspects of your life. This may be due to a difficult situation or problem that you face, or it could simply reflect your current mood. 

It is important to know that there is always potential for improvement, so focus on taking action based on what you learn from this situation.

  • Lack of enthusiasm

 The Sun reversed tarot card usually signifies a lack of enthusiasm for life. The card could mean that you’re feeling down and out or don’t feel like things are going your way. 

If you’re seeing the reversed Sun card, it might be time to take a step back and reassess your situation. 

Maybe there’s something you’re not seeing that’s causing the gloominess, or maybe you need to change some of your habits to bring more happiness into your life.

  • Pessimism

 The reversed Sun tarot card signifies pessimism, according to the tarot experts. This card often signals that someone is feeling down about their current situation and predicts that things will only get worse from here. 

If you’re feeling especially pessimistic lately, this might be a good time to take some time and reflect on your current situation. 

However, don’t let this negative energy drag you down; remember that there are always ways to improve your outlook and find hope in even the darkest times.

The Sun reversed reading for health

The Sun reversed indicates that you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and unhappy. This can lead to physical health problems such as increased heart rate or blood pressure or mental health problems like depression or anxiety. 

It’s necessary to look after your health and mind by avoiding negative thoughts and having a positive outlook.

The Sun is in a reversed position can also indicate that something will be difficult or won’t go as planned. This could mean difficulty getting pregnant, experiencing some unexpected complications during the pregnancy, or even losing the baby prematurely.

The Sun reversed reading for career

There’s a feeling of oppression or being trapped in your career when the Sun reversed tarot card is drawn. This suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed and like you cannot progress. 

It may be difficult to find new opportunities due to the current situation, and it feels like there’s no way out. It can be time to look at your situation again and see if there is another way to reach your goals.

The Sun reversed tarot card can also indicate that you may have set unattainable career goals. 

You should reconsider your goals and reassess where you want to be in the next few years. If you continue down this path, you can not reach your full potential. 

Instead, focus on smaller, more attainable goals to help you grow as an individual and become a better professional.

The Sun reversed reading for finances

The Sun reversed tarot card indicates that you may face temporary financial difficulties. The difficulties could stem from several sources, such as dealing with unexpected bills or unexpected debts or not being able to afford necessary expenses. 

In some cases, this could be a sign that there is potential for financial hardship in the near future.

But it’s important to stay optimistic and not give up hope because these things usually work out in the end.

The Sun reversed reading for spirituality

When the tarot card reversed appears in a reading, it often signifies that you resist or block connections with others or your spiritual self. 

This is because of feelings of loneliness or isolation or feeling that you don’t deserve happiness or success. The key is to understand why these blocks are forming and then find ways to overcome them. 

This may be a challenging process, but it will lead to greater peace and fulfillment in life.

The Sun reversed reading for love

 If you are in a relationship

 The Sun reversed tarot card indicates that you and your partner have trouble figuring out how to go forward. It may be because of disagreements or differences in opinion and a lack of clarity or understanding on either side. 

This situation can be frustrating and can lead to feelings of frustration and stagnation. 

However, there is always a way forward if you are willing to look for it. Together, you can discover a solution that works for you.

The reversed Sun card also means that part of the romance or passion in the relationship has gone because of disagreements over major life decisions or simply a lack of interest on either part. 

If you’ve seen this occurring in your relationship, it’s important to take some time for yourself and explore what might be causing the strain. However, if you and your partner can’t seem to get along and things are just not working any longer, it might be time to consider ending things.

 If you’re single

 If you’re single and the Sun reversed card is showing, it may be time to step back and rethink how you’re dealing with love. You may be alienating potential lovers by being too selfish and trying to do everything yourself. 

It’s important to remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to love, so find someone who understands your quirky personality and be on the right track.

The Sun tarot card in astrology

The Sun tarot card is associated with the astrological zodiac sign of Leo. People born under the sign of Leo are known to be strong-willed, proud, independent, and passionate. 

They are also often charismatic and persuasive. This makes them good leaders and influencers. The Sun tarot card is often used to reflect positive aspects of a person’s personality.

The Sun tarot card meaning in Numerology

The Sun tarot card is associated with the number 19. In Numerology, the number 19 is composed of the vibrations of two powerful numbers, Number 1 and Number 9.

People with the number 19 are said to be strong-willed and independent. These traits are often seen as positive qualities because they indicate that the person is not easily influenced or dominated. 

People with this number often have a lot of confidence and are not afraid to take risks. They are also usually quick thinkers and problem solvers, which makes them good at adapting to changes in their environment.

Seeing the Sun tarot card in dreams

Seeing the Sun tarot card in dreams could represent a time of great happiness and success. This is because the Sun symbolizes warmth, energy, and optimism. It can also indicate that you are on your way to achieving your goals and reaching your full potential.


In conclusion, the Sun tarot card can be interpreted as a sign that you are beginning a new journey. The card corresponds to the element of Fire, which means that you will be active and creative during this time.

You may find yourself in new and exciting surroundings, and you should be prepared to take action on your plans.


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